Monday, October 12, 2009

Skull Study


Anonymous said...

i watched like 5 of the video tutorials. the edging one, the fast portrait demos and the sphere demos.
- scott coleman

Anonymous said...

I watched the two sphere demos. I thought the first one was obviously more helpful than the other one, especcially when he said to use circular motions rather than straight lines.(sorry, i didn't know where to leave my comment.)

-Paige S.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i watched the 2 sphere demos they were cool. im doing pretty good now at drawing them.Woo! art1!! :)
-ashley carlson

marier said...

I found the first of the two videos most helpful in regards to creating spheres because the artists goes into great detail in how to make a 2-dimensional drawing appear like a 3-dimensional object. The second one was speeded up without an explanation as to how he created the sphere. The first sphere also went over modeling factors that are involved when creating a sphere. I feel, after watching the first sphere demo, that my knowledge of drawing not only spheres but other three-dimensional objects was increased and my abilities have improved because of this video.

Camille said...

Todd, why did u draw skulls?
-CAMILLE KEFOR (your favorite cousin)
PS-Audrey wants 2 know how Declan and Makennah are doing

shawn said...

i watched the 2 tutorials on the spheres.
-shawn holland